A Suitable Suitcase

Solo Exhibition 
Austrian Cultural Forum, Rome, ITA, 2022

Funded by
The Austrian Federal Chancellery as part of
On the Road Again

Exhibition views
Austrian Cultural Forum, Rome, ITA, 2022
The Endless Toykit Collection has been built up and collected by the artist Rainer Prohaska during the last 20 years of his work. This material - pool consists of over 1000 singular "Ready Made" modules, which the artist arranges again and again for new, varying installations. There are various wooden profiles, inflatable elements and objects with several cubic meters of volume.

This accumulation of materials is understood as an ecological art concept since although objects are occasionally added, nothing has to be thrown away or disposed of. An endless chain of recycling processes that neither produces waste nor promotes the consumption of products.

A Suitable Suitecase for the road to Rome

In addition to this configuration, the ecological delivery of the materials from Vienna to Rome was also part of the project. The individual components were brought to Rome by train, and this despite the fact that such transports by rail are generally not possible.

The 1-meter-long wooden profiles used here were strapped together to form 18 pieces of luggage to be transported as "trolleys" in the individual compartment booked by the artist to fill the space. Thus the transport itself mutated into a performative act, which was documented by means of video and photography as the actual main part of the artistic work.
Arriving in Rome, the artist unpacked these trolleys into their individual parts, which then served as a building material for an oversized travel suitcase. This giant suitcase is symbolic of the "workarounds" that were necessary for an ecologically sound journey.
A concept and methodology that addresses the ecology shift in art production and demonstrates it in practice.
In this work, the journey from the artist to the art space is an essential, co-determining factor in the aesthetics of the work on display.