Open Call, Group Exhibition
Foyer of the Deutsche Bank headquarters, Berlin, DEU, 2015

As part of Macht Kunst. Ihre Skulptur für Berlin!, Deutsche Bank

In keeping with the rules of the art competition Macht Kunst. Ihre Skulptur für Berlin! by Deutsche Bank, Rainer Prohaska and other involved collaborators of the art project Accounting entered works of art that critically and subversively address the business practices of Deutsche Bank. When, at the exhibition showing all the competition entries, the artists activated speakers placed inside the models, critical analyses of the bank’s conduct rang out. This act of subversion pointed out the bank’s immediate corporate behavior while simultaneously referencing the role of art in the corporate social responsibility portfolios of large corporations. Involvement in the arts enables many corporations to perform a successful image transformation. In the process, critical positions are often appropriated to demonstrate a company’s own authenticity. In many cases, this process of supposed corporate self-reflection through art stands in contrast to actual corporate behavior.

Guest artists
Nina Lund Westerdahl
Iver Ohm
Sabeth Tödtli
Carrie McILwain,
Przemysław Jasielski