Boring River

by Rainer Prohaska and Carola Schmidt
52min, HD

In cooperation with donaufestival

Funded by
Bundeskanzleramt Österreich
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Donauländer
Kultur Niederösterreich
Bundesministerium für europäische und internationale Angelegenheiten

In 2007 the artist Rainer Prohaska set out for a first boat trip on the Danube towards the Black Sea. Discovered were many construction sites and internationally planned infrastructure; a Danube culture on the rise! To check the status of the then-discovered 'Rising Danube culture' and to discover what has really developed in this Eastern European landscape, he repeated this trip in the summer of 2014. Together with theatre director and author Volker Schmidt, Rainer Prohaska travelled downstream from Melk on the Danube to Sulina on the Black Sea on the specially constructed MS CARGO. The impressions of this journey, marked by the influence of various guests and bizarre cargo, can be seen in this film.

Concept, camera, and production:
Rainer Prohaska
Editing and post-production:
Carola Schmidt
Music and sound design: Austrian Apparel
Production: Rainer Prohaska, Julia Gaisbacher
Text & Speaker - Version IR (2017): Alexander Peer
Text & Speaker - Version DF (2015): Stefan Schmitzer