Esistenza Integrale

AIR, Installation, Group Exhibition
Bildrecht Studio, Vienna, AUT


(c) Eva Kelety

FUTURAMA LAB is about to radically change course in the context of its own artistic methods and direction, the ideas of which are currently being developed in a manifesto entitled "DOGMA_25".

As part of the exhibition ESISTENZA INTEGRALE at Bildraum Studio and as part of the artist-in-residence programme of FUTURAMA LAB founder Rainer Prohaska, the invited artists are showing works that document the development and the path to this "turning point". Their connections to FUTURAMA LAB are just as diverse as the content and production approaches of the works. The urgency of the often cited "turning point", which is overdue not only in the most diverse segments of society, but also and above all in the arts, is made clear.

Christoph Höschele
Kollektiv Auto Affaire (Guus Diepenmaat, Kilian Jörg, Viktor Kössl, Sandra Sieczkowski)
Hanna Priemetzhofer
Rainer Prohaska
Sabrina Rosina
Elisa Schober
Esther Stern
Anna Dian