Futurama Lab RAW 

Installation, Performance
Sapporo International Art Festival Sapporo, Hokkaido, JPN, 2019

Curated by

Funded by
The Austrian Federal Chancellery

Referring to an oversized toykit set, Rainer Prohaska developed a modular system consisting of standardized mass-produced products. It uses materials such as wood profiles, ratchet straps, screw clamps and other objects that are available in large numbers. The "TOY KIT ARCHITECTURE" - system is used for the construction of sculptures, temporary architecture and participatory installations. The familiarity with this materials in use, facilitates access for the public to interactively build works of art. The process of creating these works of art, which the audience almost always decisively influences, can be seen as a performative act.


Przemysław Jasielski and Rainer Prohaska are cultivating a common habit, the production and the consumption of black tea. For them, this ritual is a source of inspiration. These "Tea Sessions", were mainly black tea is consumed, are appearing in many varieties, depending on the situation and location, when the artists are working.

In the first part of this workshop, Przemo and Rainer showed their independent techniques, which they are using, to built modular artworks in different environments, occasions and material requirements. While working together with the participants, constantly tea will be brewed and served, to increase the inspiration of the team. The participants were part of a ritual, the artists are normally practicing without public.

After two days of teaching their separate techniques, they united the results of these practices, to create an environment, which the are calling Black Tea as a Landscape for Inspiration. Also this fusion was done by involving the participants.

After finishing this space, there was a presentation which appeared as a performance. The artists used this landscape and the installed facility to produce and provide tea for the participants of the workshop and the public.

Finally, all building blocks and modules, which were created and used by the audience during the workshop, were merge together. Under supervision of the artist, the final construction, turned out to be a large size temporary tea-house in the lobby of the city hall of Sapporo.