Group Exhibition
Facade & Yard of Galerie Oel-Früh, Hamburg, DEU, 2008

Curated by
Johanes Zechner

As part of the exhibition
Küss die Hand - Vier Wiener Positionen

At the gallery Oel-Früh in Hamburg in 2012, the installation HH20 allowed the exhibition facility to enter into dialog with the outdoor space. This installation made visible how simple invasions into the presumably rigid architecture around us can create new spatial dynamics. Rainer Prohaska utilized a previously closed opening in the ceiling to connect both floors by sculpture. The H girders seemed as though they had been thrust through the ceiling like toy sticks by an imaginary giant. He appropriated the existing architecture as a parasite, transforming the standardized white cube for his piece.
On the building front, two implants made of tensioners and H girders contrasted at the same time the
familiar stability and rigidity of the building. One of the structures, an enormous antenna jutting from the
building, seems as if it were trying to explore its own feasibility. An over-sized pendulum held in precarious balance by its own weight alone and balanced on a protruding beam fit in the building entrance.

Production by
Eva Grumeth - Grundvier