Lunch Box

Installation, Performance
Nishny Novgorod & Moscow, RUS, 2014

As part of the exhibition DESIRING the Real - Austria Contemporary
Funded by
The Austrian Federal Chancellery

When viewed from the exterior a mere stack of timber, Lunch Box can unfold to a countertop, cooking space and communal table. The wooden beams serve as a means of protecting the cooking utensils and the included handbook with instructions for assembly and use; at the same time the beams are the main building material for the temporary communal kitchen. The kitchen in turn is assembled and used by participants themselves following the provided handbook. While previous cooking performances by Rainer Prohaska featured the artist’s direct moderation, the Lunch Box concept cedes to the audience control over the outcome of this spatial and performative intervention. By employing TOY KIT ARCHITECTURE, Lunch Box creates more than just a constructive frame; rather it opens a space of action for participants to fill.

In addition to building the kitchen, the participants are also involved in preparing the ingredients before finally being rewarded with a communal meal.

All the components the box contains and consists of are configured to fit on a EURO-pallet. This adds up to a floor area of
0.96 square meters and dimensions of 1200 x 800 mm. After the communal meal, the Lunch Box is packed back up and sent on to its next destination.

Guest artist
Jasmin Ladenhaufen