MS FUSION - Schallaburg

Exhibition, Performance
Schallaburg Castle, AUT, 2019

As part of the exhibition
Der Hände Werk

A temporary shipyard at Schallaburg by Rainer Prohaska.

In June 2019, the ship MS-FUSION was built at Schallaburg Castle. Referring to the exhibition theme, not only the finished ship was on display, but also the construction phase could be observed by the public. This trimaran, optimized for travel on the Danube, was built using the "Toy-Kit" method developed by Prohaska, which primarily uses connecting elements such as tension belts and screw clamps.
The MS-FUSION vessel fuses traditional Danube navigation watercraft, such as zills, with ready-made plastic tanks and other unorthodox components mostly familiar from hardware stores. The finished vehicle sees itself as a collage spanning epochs, most comparable to sculptural "samples". Thanks to its modular design, it remains flexible and changeable even when in use on the Danube.
After its completion, the ship was available to artists for Danube voyages as part of a "floating" artist-in-residence program. The MS-FUSION served as a tool and working platform for artistic projects in the Danube region.

Christina Gruber
Przemysław Jasielski
Jacek Zydorowicz
Florian Sorgo
Christoph Reiz