Nonsense Technology I

Center Of Contemporary Art MONA Innerspaces,
Poznań, POL, 2015

In collaboration with  Przemysław Jasielski

Funded by
The Austrian Federal Chancellery

Nonsense Technology is an artistic concept and strategy implemented through a series of works and exhibitions. It combines
science, art and technology on many different levels. It's result is always the physical object available to the viewer in the real world, created in opposition to finality, productivity, effectiveness and including a serious dose of humour.
When used in artistic practice, it allows a certain scientific distance without falling into indiscriminate fascination with technical novelty.
Technology becomes a method of asking questions, a process of research without the need for clear answers. The devices and objects shown by the artists don't make sense from the classical perspective of technology, they don't work or the result of their work is unpredictable. Nonsense Technology reveal a new sense of research beyond mainstream systems and well-defined solutions.