Porte Jaune & Porte Ouverte | Fermée

Intervention, Installation
Public space at Kreuzackerplatz & Berntor, Solothurn, CHE, 2020

As part of ZART Festival
The Porte Jaune city gate, built from commercially available construction elements, sets a striking example for ZART 2020 at Kreuzackerplatz. The temporary architecture is constructed using formwork girders that are installed in combination with lashing straps.
The temporary structure sends a signal as a conspicuous foreign body and creates a new place that invites people to stay or can even become a meeting place. By taking up the gate as a motif, a connection to the former, demolished Berntor is created. At the site where the Old Berntor stood from 1296 to 1877, Prohaska uses large yellow symbols to thematize the idea of rebuilding, which the Paul Feser Foundation was commissioned to do by the founder Paul Feser.