Résidence Modulair

Performance, Solo Exhibition
Kunstpavilion, Tiroler Künstlerschaft, Innsbruck (AT), 2012

Curated by
Ingeborg Erhart

Sponsored by
M Preis
Villgrater Natur

Commissioned work

With his spatial installation Rèsidence Modulaire, Rainer Prohaska temporarily implanted all the essential features of private housing into an exhibition space*. A bedroom, work space, living room, bathroom with bathtub, kitchen with counters and table all were created as fully functional furnishings and social sculpture.

As in his previous installation Refurnish Schnifis, Rainer Prohaska addressed here the transplantation to the public sphere of functional infrastructures for personal housing needs. The mingling of spaces blurred the supposedly clear line between the private and the public, mirroring everyday processes from other areas of life. While constructing the installation, Rainer Prohaska lived in the Kunstpavillon.

Social interaction was an integral component of the piece – through invitation to participate in constructing the Rèsidence Modulaire, the public was able to take part in the artistic process; meals were prepared in the kitchen and the furnishings provided a common salon space for the artist group Tiroler Künstlerschaft. In total 1120 units of square timber measuring 100x7x4 cm were used to construct the installation.