Restaurant Transformable Director’s Cut

Exhibition, Performance
Mackey Apartments & Schindler
House, Los Angeles, USA, 2009

Curated by
Peter Noever
Kimberli Meyer

As part of
AIR Program at the Mackey Apartments, MAK Center for Art and Architecture - Los Angeles, USA

Funded by
MAK - Austrian Museum of
Applied Arts / Contemporary Art

Supported by
Federal Ministry for Europe,
Integration & Foreign Affairs

In 2009, Rainer Prohaska was selected for the prestigious MAK Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program in the Mackey Apartments at the Schindler House in Los Angeles.
During a six-month residence, he focused on cooking as a form of cultural expression and social gesture.
He converted the apartment to an installation to stage Restaurant Transformable Director‘s Cut, an
interactive cooking performance. Throughout the project, documentation of previous cooking performances offered a glimpse of the Restaurant Transformable universe. The photographs, drawings, Prohaska’s drip paintings (paintings done with essences of leftover food) as well as philosophical texts and manifests on the community-forming nature of cooking and eating became a walkable collage.
The spatial and thematic focus were the cooking spaces with instructions for action for the participating cooks. Some of the cooking utensils were outfitted with microphones, allowing the interplay of slicing, grating and grinding to merge in a symbiotic soundscape.

Production by
Eva Grumeth - Grundvier

Guest artist
Domink Traun