Salmon Sculpture Saloon

Performance, Installation
Project(OR) Art Fair, Rotterdam, NLD, 2008

Curated by
Verena Kaspar-Eisert, Kunstraum Niederösterreich

Supported by
Goethe-Institut Rotterdam

Commissioned work

A scaffold with a scissors lift was converted into an improvised restaurant on the limited space of a fair stand at the Project(OR) Art Fair Rotterdam. Salmon Sculpture Saloon confronted visitors with the choice of either an edible salmon sculpture for a quick bite or a conserved salmon sculpture to add to their collection. Visitors thus had to choose between ephemeral enjoyment of art or a permanent art object. At the same time, the multilevel use of the space visualized the high costs gallery owners bear for a fair stand and offered potential buyers exclusivity paired with visibility – two essential aspects of the art market.

The dish was sold for €3 for immediate consumption; the price for the seven-pieces limited edition SALMON SCULPTURE was 273.15 times higher (corresponding to the temperature’s lower limit value, absolute zero).

Production by
Eva Grumeth - Grundvier