San Lun Che feat. the Terraplastic Army

Solo Exhibition
Anni Art Gallery, Beijing, CHN, 2010

Curated by
Anni Ma

Funded by
The Austrian Federal Chancellery
Office of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria, Art & Cultural Affairs
Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration & Foreign Affairs

Supported by
ASAP - Austro Sino Arts Program Karel Dudesek & Lukas Birk
Thomas Drexler

With San Lun Che, Rainer Prohaska continued in 2010 his exploration of urban Beijing that had started in 2009 with Enter Beijing. The Anni Art Gallery served Prohaska simultaneously as home base, studio and exhibition space.

On the one hand, he created further mutations of the typical Chinese and eponymous vehicles. Prohaska’s Sun Lun Ches explore various means of experiencing and discovering the city - incognito from within a black cocoon or on raised red seats like a wheeled flâneur.

Rainer Prohaska also used objects he found during explorations of the city to create a spatial collage in the gallery. Visitors bore witness to a tongue-in-cheek distorted image of a nation striving for modernity, a snapshot of an economic giant now racing into the high-tech future.

Stereotypical Made in China mass goods provided formal inspiration for the piece. Ironic revaluation and functional re-purposing lent the objects an unexpected life of their own. In the on-site installations, inflatable objects mutated to over-sized pneumatic monsters while plastic crocodiles formed a contemporary distortion of the Terracotta Army.