Installation, Soundperformance

Heidentor von Carnuntum, AUT, 2015

In collaboration with Austrian Apparel

As part of Viertelfestival Niederösterreich 2015

Funded by:Viertelfestival Niederösterreich

Sponsored by
PERI Gmbh Österreich

Supported by
Archäologische Kulturpark Niederösterreich Gmbh

Images by
Julia Gaisbacher
At the historic Roman Heidentor gate at Carnuntum in Lower Austria, 4 x 4-meter sculptures made of concrete formwork girders lashed with ratchet tensioners served as over-sized resonance bodies to sound out the interrelationships and interferences between sound and architecture.

At the Viertelfestival Niederösterreich, Rainer Prohaska explored in cooperation with the band members from Austrian Apparel the relationship between sound and form through adaptations of his sonic architecture.
The adaptation of these resonance bodies changed not only the sound but also the sculptures’ form and with it their visual aesthetics. The band Austrian Apparel provided an original composition in reference to Rainer Prohaska’s constructed world. In this way, architecture and sound informed each the other and offered the audience a walkable, audiovisual experience.