The Spine

Installation, Exhibition
Public space, Nordbrücke, Vienna, AUT, 2010

Curated by
Elsy Lahner & Alexandra Grausam, das weisse haus

As part of the exhibition
Hard To Sell, Good To Have, Palais Sturany, Vienna, Austria, 2010

Commissioned work
A temporary sculpture in the public
sphere, The Spine was placed by Rainer Prohaska at a central transport node near Nordbahnbrücke in Vienna. Reduced to concrete formwork girders which acted as modular construction materials, The Spine seems as if its serial design could be resumed at any moment. But whose backbone is the construction?

Has Rainer Prohaska’s TOY KIT ARCHITECTURE developed a life of its own and began to form its own body in an auto-creative gesture? Or should the sculpture be interpreted as a part of the
surrounding urban infrastructure, lending a material equivalent to this spine of the urban environment?

Production by
Flavia Winger