Traisma Swimming Pool

Installation, Public Space

As part of Tangente Festival, St. Pölten, AUT

(c) Simon Veres
The idea of a swimming pool—right on the Mühlbach. Next to Interspar, where no one would suspect it. The sculpture consists of several elements, such as a plastic slide, lifebuoys and a set of tubular steel steps. These are everyday objects that are given new meaning through being alienated and transferred into the field of art. They are presented as artworks, so-called Readymade SAMPLES, which are usually to be found in museums.

Traisma, the title of the work, refers to a medieval settlement that was located in what is now the heart of St. Pölten. The name of the settlement is, in turn, derived from the River Traisen, which has lent its name to many communities in its drainage basin over the centuries. The Traisen also supplies the Mühlbach with fresh water.

(curatorial text, Tangente St. Pölten)