Badeschiff, Danube Canal, Vienna, AUT, 2011

As part of Coded Cultures - City As Interface

Curated by
Georg Russegger

Sponsored by
PERI GmbH Österreich

Production by

Commissioned work

The installation Transistor was developed along Vienna’s Danube Canal on behalf of the festival for fringe research and experimental arts Coded Cultures – The City As Interface. The so-called Badeschiff* (English: bathing ship) in downtown Vienna is a venue with a restaurant, club and pool.
For Transistor, it became a flexible and versatile space for action. In keeping with the festival’s pursuit of an expansion of artistic terms and the cross-linking of media, Rainer Prohaska’s largely visible installation permeated the structural body of its host like a parasite.

Transistor presents an utopia of architectural and, greater still, of spatial planning terms. Without further ado, the structure was able to grow out limitlessly into urban space to expand the building stock by new functions.

Guest artist
Paran Pour