Un Vol De

Installation, Workshop
Backyard, University of Innsbruck, AUT, 2011

Sponsored by
DOKA - Niederlassung West
Alpine Mayreder-Bau GmbH
Lash & Lift GmbH
Adler Apotheke

In 2011, Rainer Prohaska was invited by Patrick Schumacher’s Instutite for experimental architecture to lecture at the University of Innsbruck. In cooperation with students, the installation Un Vol De was created using TOY KIT ARCHITECTURE. The design task mandated reduction to a few recurring building materials.

The work title translates to A Swarm Of and mirrors the construction process as well as the formal aspect of the piece. Consisting of a multitude of H girders fixed with tensioners, the construction forms a spiral structure that curled over various buildings and planes. The piece was developed by swarm within the framework of a collective planning and building process with all its social structures.

Production by
Bernhard Wolf

Guest artists
DI Bernhard Wolf
DI Paul Mandler
Simon Graf
Dominik Traun

Vera Arnold, Florian Fender, Clemens Fritsch, Michael Kroell, Anna Lerchbaumer, Roman Seifert, Bettina Siegele, Sophia Spiss, Matthias
Vinatzer, Florian Volderauer, Sven Winkler