Yi Dong Cha

Installation, Performance
Public space
Innsbruck, AUT, 2016

Financing and Sponsors
Kunst im Öffentlichem Raum - Tirol
Teehandlung Schönbichler

With the friendly assistance of
bilding - Kunst- und Architekturschule, Innsbruck
Architekturtage Innsbruck
'HERberge für Menschen auf der Flucht' der Barmherzigen Schwestern Innsbruck
Wiltener Kultursommer
Tiroler Künstlerschaft

Images by
Julia Gaisbacher
The work Yi Dong Cha is an architectural performance that took place in a public space in Innsbruck from 17 May to 4 June. A mobile object was built that provided a platform for various performative concepts and included a tea kitchen.

In cooperation with the art and architecture school 'bilding', especially children and recently arrived representatives of Middle Eastern and Far Eastern cultures were actively involved in the project. Together with the artistic team, the guests conducted experiments dealing with the constant transformation of the object and with abstract tea-making apparatuses. The results of these experiments around concepts of tea-drinking societies, tea preparation and spatial design were sustainably incorporated into the future development of mobile tea houses in public spaces.

They were built using a technique that has become a tradition, developed by the artist Rainer Prohaska and referred to as 'Toy-Kit Architectures' - a modular construction system used to realise works that are at the intersection of performative architecture and sculpture.

Monika Abendstein
Cam Nhi
Ricarda Kössl
Sabeth Tödtli
Alexander Peer
Florian Fender
Julia Gaisbacher