Artist Journey, Performance in Public SpaceRiver Danube - Dürnstein
AUT - Ruse, BGR, 2007

Funded by
The Austrian Federal Chancellery
Office of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria, Art & Cultural Affairs
Kunsthalle Krems
Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration & Foreign Affairs

Sponsored by
Trading & Consulting H.P.C. GmbH
Adler Apotheke
Fahrschule Prohaska
Yamaha Austria
Hellermann Tyton GmbH
ATC - Austria Truss Constructions
OBI Baumarkt Hadikgasse - Vienna

Supported by
SCHENKER EOOD Logistics Lash und Lift GmbH  Bootswerft Meyer 
H. u. J. Steiner GmbH

The ‘Z‘-Boats were the initiation of the first of Rainer Prohaska’s hitherto three explorations-by-art of the Danube region. The tried-and-tested TOY KIT ARCHITECTURE served as the construction basis for the trimaran he sailed on. Their flexible modularity makes them ideally suited to adjust to the changing demands of the journey. As with the later MS CARGO, the basis of the ‘Z‘-Boats was formed by three barges (a traditional boat in the Austrian Danube region), aluminum trusses and lashing straps.

The ‘Z‘-Boats featured no permanently fixed construction; no drilling or bonding joints were used. This enabled renewed configurations throughout the journey and allowed the artist to sound out the trimaran’s essential features for later voyages.

As a communication vehicle, the unconventional construction was successful in facilitating conversation with residents of the largely sparsely populated shores of the Danube. The goal of the ‘Z‘-Boats was to map the current state of the Danube cultural region. Accessing local information was paramount as to date there are few records or attempts at localization of the subject.

Eva Grumeth – Grundvier

Guest artists
Anita Kaiser
Florian Lechner
Jürgen Ullrich
Daniel Unterberg
Maiwenn Paget
Mark Schanzl
Birgit Fordinal
Paul Rameder
Stefanie Rauch
Christian Klein